SIRAC¨s beginnings date from 1995, when Brothers Ao established manufacturing facilities for commercial air conditioners in Nanhai, Guangdong. From 2003, the Company began to produce air to water and water to water heat pumps.

Today, with two manufacturing bases covering an area of 90,000sqt, SIRAC designs, manufactures and markets heat pump units at an annual output of 50,000 sets.

Key to SIRAC's continued growth is a total commitment to the highest standards of product quality and customer satisfaction. These standards are achieved through strict adherence to rigorous quality controls at every step; from engineering, machining, manufacturing and assembly to delivery and after sale support. SIR
AC's participation in ISO Certification programs further demonstrates its commitment to quality.

Sirac Assembly Line

SIRAC markets products has provided original equipment manufacturing services to leading global companies. Leading multinational corporations count on SIRAC to help expand their product lines beyond their core competencies in order to meet their customers' total HVAC equipment needs. While trusting SIRAC to meet their cutomers' expectation through unmatched quality and unique product benefits, these companies also enjoy a relationship with SIRAC that is characterized by creativity, productivity, and responsiveness. Recognizing that these relationships are critical to business success, SIRAC continues to meet the evolving needs of its customers by adapting its products to satisfy customer requirements.

SIRAC develops similar relationships with its international trading partners. Currently SIRAC exports to
over 20 countries , and is continuing to expand its international distribution.

Sirac's core products are air to water and brine/water to water heat pumps. In China, heat pumpis used to provide domestic hot water in applications such as college apartment buildings, hotels and hospitals. In Europe, Sirac heat pumps are installed primarily in house heating projects. Unlike conventional air cooled chillers, our heat pumps are specially designed for heating. Hence the heating COP is much higher, and the maximum water temperature is 60C.

Sirac heat pumps are CE mark approved.


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