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Sirac's clients always have a happty experience with our heat pumps ever since the first installation.

--The first (air source )installation is running very well, even in chilling conditions -19 C. --


-- I have to tell you, we have temperatures in our warehouse at 5c, yet your little 1,000 watt heat pump is managing to maintain my office temperature through under floor heating and a fan convector at 39c as of 12pm today while my locally made heat pump in my home is all frozen up on the fan coil side exposed to the air in the loft, so have had to shut it down and use the gas boiler. Also the local model is also not coping with such low temperatures. What is it you have developed that these local companies have not? What makes your unit work in very cold temperatures, and there's go into a frost cycle?The local model is struggling to heat a tank of 300 litres to above 30c, when it was 15c, we got 55c. --


-- The first installation we did by us on our firma was installation of LSQ02RC. Now the air temperature is -5 to +5oC in our town. We heat by LSQ02RC, but have a second source -- gas boiler. If the ambient temperatures go under -10oC we switch on the gas boiler......it seems like good installation, no problems with it. C


-- I have the Heat Pump now running well at our test facility here at our office. I am very happy with the performance so far but I will continue testing until I leave for China at the end of this week. C


-- The air to water HP are in use, and we haven't received any bad feedback from the costumer. --


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